Care Package

"The need in Afghanistan is overwhelming and growing fast as conflict escalates and drives more than 393,000 newly displaced people from their homes. They need food, water, shelter, and protection. Please give now to rush emergency aid to displaced Afghan families and your gift will matched to go twice as far to help."

Each edition of this NFT covers one family’s emergency needs for a month. (scroll down to buy 10 at a time)

Funds are routed directly to []

Funds Sent:

8/18/21 — 33.824 ETH / $103,992~ (view tx)

8/19/21 — 5.04 ETH / $16,238~ (view tx)

8/21/21 — 5.684 ETH / $18,079~ (view tx)

8/23/21 — 2.212 ETH / $6,891~ (view tx)

Funds sent directly to

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